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Hi, I’m Eva Hamori from My Expat Life – That’s Hamori bringing you a blog post from Capestang.

C.A.C 34 (Collectif d’Artistes de Capestang)is an active association bringing the arts to our region. It is a treat for the senses.

How did they start? It started with an idea. A few years ago, the kindergarten teacher of Capestang realized that in her class was a large group of musician parents. She asked them to unite to perform during the children’s festival and created a practice group. By getting the children to dress up and participating in the first musical event, they started a tradition. They now paraded through the streets of Capestang annually.

From there the parents became good friend, having children all the same age and realizing they had so much in common. CAC34 was eventually created to keep local musicians playing throughout the year.

What is so special about the region that brings creative souls to congregate in one spot? Is it an energy crossing point; those ley lines during solstice, or perhaps ideal weather conditions just close enough to feel the sea breeze, the warm sun and the cool northern winds to ignite creative juices? I am not sure, but something brings the artists here.
Could it be the same essence that bought great painters to the region. The same enchanting currents that bring writers to spill out their novels while experiences French culture?

At a C.A.C. event you will find local wines for about 1€ a glass, food plates with homemade quiche, salads and cheeses for about 5€, snacks for kids cakes and desserts about 2€/plate and the ambiance is free. The organization unites to cook and serves the clientele, which further supports the community we live in.

village event capestang

These local musicians play at the Mediatheque, Salles des Douche, Maison du Peuples, and Nelson Mandela Centre depending on the venue they organize. Bringing in musician friends from around the region that are not working in the low season, they hire them at a good price and let them stay for free in their own homes. This brings a circulation of popular and unique music to experience in our community.

I even got the opportunity to sing during an even myself! Alain (on accordion and Bertrand (guitar) kindly asked me to sing a few songs in English and I graciously agreed.

Eva Singing

Our village further supports the arts by supporting loyally supporting these events, and we book our table far in advance.

If you have a chance to experience a C.A.C. 34 event I highly recommend it!
For more information on the C.A.C.34 events follow them on Facebook

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