House Hunters

Need a home from home whilst house hunting?

When we arrived, having sold everything lock stock and barrel, we rented for the first few months whilst looking for our 'dream' home. It was difficult to find somewhere that was ideal; you know a home from home with all the basic comforts and a bit more.

Location was important to be able to get out and about, and we wanted to come back to a comfortable cosy but spacious 'home', not an itsy bitsy faceless room. That is one of the reasons we have built such large apartments. We are not a 'pack 'em in' sort of place. So you will be able to relax in peace after a hard day's searching.

We do offer B & B mini breaks so (off season) come for as long as you like and mid week if that works for you.

In addition we know what a nightmare house hunting can be. Estate Agents are even worse here (and I am an Estate Agents daughter so I can say that -my father was a very professional one of course!) Anyway we will put you in touch with English speaking professionals, whether its a estate agent, mortage broker or for later a builder or house keeper.

If you don't have time to keep flying down to house hunt, for a flat fee we can do the initial searches for you and send you a short list of 'ideal' houses for you to then fly down and do the second viewing yourselves. You provide us with the details of your 'wish' list and we will discuss the compromises, the budget and together we can save you time and money.

Whether it's your forever home, or just a holiday home, there are some little gems here still at prices that might surprise you, but hurry because this is an up and coming area!