How to have Fun with Instagram

Finding your Social Media Mojo

When the first Lockdown came and I watched every holiday booking slip away (thankfully to the following year…but still) I realised one important thing. This thing would pass. People would travel again. Hell people would be desperate to travel again and get away from their own 4 walls. And most importantly I wanted to be the one place they thought of when they hovered over that search for a holiday button.

So what did I do? I kept showing up and do you know what? It worked. I managed to get all the weeks rebooked mostly from my Instagram followers (there were repeats and recommendations too) but even my previous bookings had 85% been from Instagram

I happened to be on a Business Mindset challenge and was wondering what the hell to do when people started saying, ‘Why Instagram Coach of course’ and it took me about an hour of chatting to get over my Imposter Syndrome to think ‘Yes of course! This is exactly what I should be doing’ and the rest as they say is history.

Now I don’t promote myself solely as an Instagram Coach on social media, I mix it up because I’m still a gite owner and want you to book your holidays with me but more importantly I want you to get to know me and trust me. And that’s how I am going to help you.

This is the launching block to help small businesses get to grip with social media (especially Instagram) and to grow authentically and find your Mojo and Confidence and you NEED to be Present! 

Together we will work on the look and feel of your account, the way in which you post and how to grow your engagement and sales

If you have a business then you need to KEEP SHOWING UP even more than ever !

If you would just like a chat over messenger/whatsapp/facetime etc to see how I can help you then just contact me – that is FREE

For a more indepth Powerhour then book a zoom call with me where we can cover all the basics or what it is you are struggling with. My main focus is to give you confidence and to get you to have Fun with Instagram!

Price per session (One hour) is £75.00

(85 Euros or 105 Dollars)

Contact me directly to arrange a convenient time

Our next  “How to have Fun with Instagram” online course will be starting February 8th 2021 

£175 for the course including a one hour one to one with me !

(200 in Euros and 235 in Dollars) 

For a discount and pay only £149 Quote HAVEFUNIGJAN – by signing up to my newsletter  just email me 

(169 Euros or 200 Dollars)

It’s a 3 week program in a closed private Facebook group where you can share and learn with a small group of fellow Instagrammers who have small businesses and want to build their confidence and find their Mojo on Instagram and of course make sales eventually!
It’s about building your community and getting them to like and know you and I can help you achieve that. It’s a non judgement zone too so don’t worry about asking questions which you may deem as silly! They never are.
Each day I will ask you to do one small thing and we as a group will be sure to like and comment so you already have some support as we will have your back. There will be some bite sized tutorials too and they can be fit in at any time that suits you. Remember the more you put into it the more you will get out of it

Our November course was such a success with one of my clients getting 10 orders in for her christmas wreaths with in the first 5 days!

You will refind your MOJO and VA VA VROOM and you may find this leaks into the real world – So warn your family you may become MORE FUN

Contact me for more details

Payments can be via Bank Transfer (contact for details)
Or Paypal here (clic photo)

On a side My other alter ego Life Laundress ( is also taking all sessions on Line

Yes anything is possible with a good internet connection !

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