On Your Marks

(see what I did there?)

Accelerating your Social Authenticity

This is the launching block to help small businesses get to grip with social media (especially Instagram) and to grow authentically and Make their Mark! (see I did it again!)

I don’t have thousands of followers on my IG but I do get a lot of engagement and 90% of my bookings come from social media(the rest are recommendations or repeats)
I know that when this is all over, and it will be, everyone is going to need a holiday more than ever and I want them to think of me first.It’s the same for any business.

You need to be Present !

Together we will work on the look and feel of your account, the way in which you post and how to grow your engagement and sales

I am offering early bird discounts for the moment as we all need a helping hand right now.
If you have a business then you need to KEEP SHOWING UP even more than ever !
Thank you in advance for your supportIts been said a lot here but stay safe in these really difficult times❤️

Early Bird Prices
All clients will have a phone call to establish your exact needs so we can hit the ground running once the session begins

£25 per session (approx 30 mins)
£65 for a package of three sessions (usually over a period of three weeks dependent on needs)

Please contact me for prices in Euros
Contact me directly to arrange a convenient time

Payments can be via Bank Transfer (contact for details)
Or Paypal here

On a side My other alter ego Life Laundress (www.lifelaundress.com) is also taking all sessions on Line

Yes anything is possible with a good internet connection !

Please contact me at honormarks@yahoo.com