Maison de la roche has been featured in several press publications, here are some of the recent articles...

The French have always prided themselves on their artisan bread, and on the bakery that is to be found in every French village, however small, which sells fantastic croissants, baguettes and pastries. And they have also tended to look down on British bakers as rather inferior in our attempts to challenge what they assume is their God-given place at the top of the baking tree.

One of my oldest friends, Honor, makes this for me when I stay with her in the South of France, where she runs a gîte business with her beautiful family and enormous dog Bob. Our mothers were close friends when we were growing up and would often cook together, and Honor and I have carried on that tradition in her big French kitchen with purchases from the local food markets. It’s a perfect place to spend some time together, and this is a perfect pudding! (Incidentally, it’s the one I’ll often make for a book-club evening. In my lovely long-standing club we take it in turns to host.)

The reality of this way of life is perhaps summed up most perfectly in Honor Marks, a Brit who has made her home in Maison de la Roche in the heart of sleepy Ferrals-les-Corbières. I first heard about Maison de la Roche and met Honor through Paul and Alex Hollywood who rightly raved about the place – and the person. Honor welcomes anyone and everyone into her home which she runs as a gîte together with her daughter Holly and dog, well, bear really, Bob.